All Ages. All Styles. It’s All Here.

Lessons on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Voice and more…

Join a Band Programs for all ages

  • Have you always wanted to play an instrument or sing?
  • Have you always wanted to play in a band?
  • Are you having a hard time deciphering information from books and videos?
  • Have you plateaued and can’t seem to get to the next level?

We know exactly how you feel.  All musicians, no matter how far they go all start in the same place and go through the same frustrations.

Tell us about yourself and your goals here.

You may ask yourself:

  • Can I really do this?
  • Am I learning the right lessons for my skill level?
  • Am I just wasting my time?
  • How do I get from where I am to where I want to be the fastest?

These types of thoughts can be very frustrating.  We know because we have been there.  If we could show you how to overcome your challenges, learn at a faster pace and ENJOY THE PROCESS, would you let us show you?

At Band Gig School of Music & Performance, our teachers have taught literally hundreds of students to achieve and excel at their instruments faster than self-taught musicians.

We believe there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL LESSON and that every student is different.  

Our teachers will give you:

  • Specific strategies tailored to YOU so that you get the results you want
  • Bonus materials for no extra charge
  • Opportunities to perform live and play with other students
  • State of the art learning environments with modern musical equipment
  • How to practice the least amount of time and get the most results!
  • how to enjoy the process and see real progress!

Why choose Band Gig?

There’s nothing better than learning from a teacher directly. At Band Gig our teachers are all college graduates with many years of teaching experience. They are highly motivated, regularly performing professional musicians. Our instructors are the most dedicated, inspiring and energetic in the area. Our program is superior to our competitors. 

All Ages. All Styles. It’s All Here.

Enroll Here

“Wow…Bang Gig, what a great program. My son Max participated this past spring. He had a blast. Max had never played in a band…during these 14 weeks they evolved into a very tight group. Nick scheduled 2 gigs that were a wonderful experience for the band, they also recorded a great demo in their facility. I highly recommend this program to anyone (whether a teenager or an adult) who wants to experience what it’s like to be in a band. I know this…since I teach Ensembles at Berklee College of Music. Bravo to everyone at Band Gig!!!!”         -Lello, Berklee College of Music

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“We strive to bring people of all ages the gift of music. We hit every angle, not only does the student learn what they need to know but what they want to know by using songs that they want to play. It’s all about the student. At Band Gig School of Music & Performance we put the student and their music first. Through the programs we offer, our students have the opportunity to play in a band, play live performances and record a demo. There are many opportunities throughout the year for our students to perform. Twice a year our LIVE concerts raise funds for the Music Drives Us Foundation, giving students a chance to give back, keeping music in our communities.”         -Nick Vecchio, Band Gig Founder

We offer more opportunities to perform than any other music school in the area.

From private music lessons, improvisational labs, rehearsing in a band, recording a demo and playing a live concert, it’s all available at Band Gig School of Music and Performance, Inc. We boast the areas finest and most enthusiastic instructors on guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, mandolin, violin, piano and voice. All ages, all levels, all styles. Campus’ conveniently located in Norwood, Dedham, Hyde Park and Melrose, Massachusetts.

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